Digital done right!

As an expert at the interface between technology and politics, I help administrations, SMEs and NGOs successfully navigate a complex world and leverage the potential of digital transformation.


Digital transformation is on everyone’s lips but what does it mean for your organization and which developments are really worth following and which trends might be overlooked?

I help you understand and leverage the potential of digital transformation through


Development cycles are getting shorter and shorter, interactions between different actors are getting more and more complex: I help you to create clarity and to classify developments. What is really behind the latest technology hype? How do international regulatory developments affect you?


Many digital transformation projects fail not because of the technology, but because the wrong questions are asked or the wrong assumptions are made at the beginning. Here, I advise you early in the strategy process and support you in the implementation. I have helped companies successfully launch digital products, develop the foundations of their data strategy, or successfully implement digitization strategies in the private and public sectors.


Information only generates added value if it is conveyed correctly. Whether for lectures, talks or moderations: I mediate between technology, politics, economy and society what the digital transformation means for us and publish regularly on various aspects of the digital transformation from cyber security to artificial intelligence.

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