Projects & Engagements

How I am involved

As a citizen with a wide range of interests, I have been involved in various associations and politically active for over ten years in addition to my work. Furthermore, the conception and implementation of projects at the interface between technology, business and politics is close to my heart, some of which are listed below.


POSMO - Ethics Council

As President of the Ethics Council of the POSMO data cooperative, I coordinate the work of the Ethics Council's experts and am responsible for the governance of the data projects.



#StandUp4Democracy is an independent, politically broad-based association anchored in civil society for the strengthening of democracy. As a democrat, I am involved in various democracy projects within the framework of this association and take on the function of treasurer on the board.


Franxini reatch

Inspired by Stefano Franscini, reatch set out to improve the interaction between science and politics with the Franxini project. I was involved in the design and implementation of the project and continue to support the mission as part of the advisory team.


Operation Libero

As a founding member, long-time board member and former co-president, I was actively involved in building Operation Libero as a new player in the Swiss political landscape and remain committed to the mission of making Switzerland happen.


FDP City of Zürich (Liberal Party)

As a liberal, I am involved in the executive committee of the district party 3 of the FDP in the city of Zurich, where I was, among other things, co-leader for the 2023 cantonal council election campaign.

I also chair the cantonal commission on digital transformation and am a member of the national commission on foreign policy.



Since the founding of the foreign policy think tank foraus - Forum Aussenpolitik, I have been involved in an active debate on Swiss foreign policy on a voluntary basis, whether by organising events during my studies or writing blog posts and policy papers after my studies.



At the ZHAW School of Management and Law, I give guest lectures on the following topics as part of various training and continuing education programmes: Artificial Intelligence and Foreign Policy, Social Media in Politics and the EU Digital Single Market.


Republik Tech-Podcast

For a pilot season with five episodes and a longer article on the topic of 5G, I was able to conduct the tech podcast of the online magazine Republik together with Adrienne Fichter. We took on complex issues of digital policy and presented them in an understandable way and from different perspectives.


The Market

For several years, I have been publishing opinion pieces on the economic policy portal The Market, classifying geopolitical and technological developments.


Swiss Internet Governance Forum

The Swiss Internet Governance Forum is the Swiss offshoot of the global process on digital governance. Since my first participation as a follow-up to my master's thesis on internet governance, I have volunteered as part of the core team to organise the annual conference, taking on content coordination and active roles for input presentations or moderation.